Our Offerings

IN-HOUSE FUNDS : Progress manages a host of funds run by its own team of investment professionals.

Progress India Opportunities Fund (PIOF)

Absolute return strategy for long term investment in India equities.

Progress Global Opportunities Fund (PGOF)

Global listed markets investment strategy focused on select opportunities.

Funds Platform:

Institutional-grade funds management platform for investment professionals. Progress manages all operational elements of a funds management business leaving portfolio management teams to concentrate on generating returns and growing their funds. The wealth of experience of the team at Progress, in the various aspects of fund management, ensures that as funds grow they remain “Investible” for institutional investors.

Fund Solutions:

We structure and operate regulated structures for investment managers around the world who would like to provide access to specific investment opportunities and provide distribution services to accredited investors both in the region and globally.

Funds Platform – Structure

Progress Ekam VCC

(Umbrella Fund)

Progress India Opportunities Fund

(Sub-Fund 1)

Progress Global Opportunities Fund

(Sub-Fund 2)

Asia Energy Transition Platform (AETP-1) VCC Beacon Fund (sub-fund)

Progress Dwe VCC (TBC)

“TBC” US Real Estate Fund
Ekam is the Sanskrit word for the number one and is synonymous with a sense of unity in our shared experience

Ekam is the first VCC on our platform offering and brings together funds adopting investment strategies with typically higher levels of liquidity of holdings making them suitable for open-end fund structures
DWE is the Sanskrit word for two and is synonymous with an awareness of duality in our experience such as day/night, right/wrong, knowledge/ignorance

DWE is the second VCC on our platform offering and contains funds adopting strategies that seek to reward thoughtful investors who appreciate that higher returns often require a longer-term investment horizon in closed-end fund structures